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Reformulation Manager

The Coca-Cola Company

  • Location: Capital Federal, Argentina - ARG
  • Post Date: 8/10/2019
  • Job Type: FULL TIME
  • Post End Date: August 22 - 2019
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Job ID: R-32296

Job Description Summary




Capital Federal

Travel Required:

Relocation Provided:

Job Posting End Date:

August 22, 2019


Job Description Summary:

Project Background and Description
Global Renew Category Growth: “As we strive to accelerate our growth while being a more helpful and credible partner in the fight against obesity, we recognize the opportunity we have to enable consumers not only to enjoy our beverages but also to responsibly manage their intake of added sugars through the implementation of our strategic pillars: innovate - reduce aggregate sugar content across our portfolio, while offering new, great tasting, low and no-calorie products…”.
We pursue 5 strategic intents through Sparkling masterbrands: (1) Protect brands as big ideas separating them from specific ingredient regulation, (2) Leverage our core brands and their distinctive color to shape choice and boost no sugar mix, (3) Allocate our DME more effectively (4) Build positive engagement with critics (5) Expand choice through functional and value up innovation (beyond no sugar).

2.    Job Description
In the Agile Team Unit this  Brand Manager (Team Memeber role) will be responsible for the 6 markets of South Latin BU (SLBU) for Renew Category Growth Strategy.
Responsible for delivering SSDs non sugar & sugar reduction growth strategies and building of action plans for SLBU markets with special focus on Flavors. Plans need to include both PUSH and PULL components, taking into account consumer and market insights.
As member of an Agile team, needs to deliver assigned product backlog and work as an active team member within the Agile team unit cell, and also follow agile methodology.

Key responsibilities:
(1) Lead Fanta and Sprite formula harmonization working together with BB Consumer Base in able to assure best formulations in market. Sustain current non sugar + improve formulations in able to continue reducing with sugar reduction agenda
(2) Complete other non core SSDs reformulations to no sugar formulas
(3) Develop Fanta and Sprite non sugar options for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, generating demand and assuring execution guidelines.
(4) Think disruptive in able to generate directional jumps in non sugar mix
(5) Collaborate with CC TM peer in able to execute CC non sugar strategies (Push and Pull)

3.    Project Scope
1.    (Support) Coca-Cola no sugar: drive consumer-centric demand (masterbrand, VIS, claims, communication, sampling, trial programs, engagement plan with KOL and System ambassadors)
2.    (Lead) Flavors evolution: drive consumer-centric demand (masterbrand, VIS, claims, communication, sampling, trial programs, engagement plan with KOL and System ambassadors). Per LAG and SLBU testing, recommendation of winning formula for SLBU markets for both reduced version and no sugar version (System flavor + building blocks) also taking into account local regulation
3.    (Apply - incorporate) Commercial execution recipe (picture of success) and targets by market: portfolio guidelines (SS + MS), coverage, channel, pricing, SOVI and salesforce incentives
4.    (Generate new ideas) Issue no sugar “swaps” guidelines (segmentation approach as per markets precaps, weekly+, competition, regulation) and winning recipe by market, channel etc. Track and get learnings as we go for on-going improving strategy
5.    (Take to account - understand) Financial model: track savings as a result of no sugar mix change, regulation and taxes implications. Measure impact for the System and establish guidelines to capture OI and for re-investment (which % of total savings, to which consumer and market activities). Application of incidence adjustment protocol. Review and make sure incidence and incentives behind no sugar go along with mix change for the bottlers.

4.    Role and Competencies. 
Assume all roles are fully dedicated to the project (FTEs).  List required competencies. Please do not identify individuals.
•    Team members: provide functional expertise to the project -the how-. Skills necessary to complete project tasks. Fully dedicated to BIG BETS. (ex: Finance team member can support two BIG BETS at the same time) Only external stakeholders can be partially dedicated (Bottler)

Technical competencies
Brand Management
Business acumen

Personal competencies
Holistic vision across areas
Self-motivated w/ decision autonomy
Critical thinking
Capable of building credibility with bottlers
Negotiation & personal influence

Our Growth Culture:

One of the reasons our company continues to thrive after 130+ years is having a company culture that supports and rewards behaviors that lead to growth. Our “Growth Behaviors,” as we call them, are ways of being and working that help to make us successful. Think about how you can bring this to life in your next role at Coca-Cola.


Keep seeking, never settle.  Staying curious about what is outside, and two steps ahead inspires us to challenge the status quo. Having the courage to look and leap is the way we grow. Because asking “what if?” pushes us to the next level as people and as a company.


Make it happen. True empowerment is the result of taking responsibility. This means giving yourself permission to see it, say it and do it, and owning the outcomes. Because we move forward faster when we all take action.

Version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

Push for progress, not perfection. There are very few overnight successes. Greatness is borne of many little victories (and failures). Share v 1.0, test it, and make it better. Then create the next version. Because the moment we think something is perfect, it will be obsolete.


Include, value and trust each other. We are smart alone but together we are genius. This means being inclusive, giving the benefit of the doubt and being responsible for each other. Because, for our company to thrive for the next 100+ years, smart isn't enough. We need genius.

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