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GM Media & Connections Planning

The Coca-Cola Company

  • Location: Gurugram, India - IND
  • Post Date: 7/11/2019
  • Job Type: FULL TIME
  • Post End Date: July 27 - 2019
  • TRAVEL REQUIRED: 00% - 25%
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Job ID: R-29709

Job Description Summary





Travel Required:

00% - 25%

Relocation Provided:


Job Posting End Date:

July 27, 2019


Job Description Summary:

The position will have the combined functional accountability of Media Management and implementation of the Connections Planning Process across the total portfolio.

The position, in conjunction with the media agency partner and the activation team will deliver amplification and impactful Connection Planning & and full Integrated Marketing Communication plan execution, with emphasis on media (paid, owned, and earned).

The role will lead media planning/buying/productivity for the highest DME (Direct Marketing Expense) value line item in the BU ; ensuring media strategies are aligned with brand objectives --track against milestones and manage budgets for all media related activities within key initiatives/programs are in line with the business and brand priorities.

Key Duties/Responsibilities

  • Connection Planning Process Implementation: Lead and implement the Connections Planning Process across the BU Brand portfolio.Media Strategy Development: Partner with Category/ Brand Directors/ Content & Creative Excellence and media agency partners to optimize media investment strategies and plans. Analyze media impact on core brand & business metrics; develop and implement media strategy, ultimately generating greater effectiveness and efficiencies of our connections plans
  • Connections Plan Execution: Lead full execution of media plans within the Connections plans—ensuring clear links to the Liquid Idea and leveraging brand strategies. Manage clear processes/routines with key partners (e.g. bottler, agencies, etc.) to ensure plans are executed on time/ in-budget and coordinated across key constituents as needed. Manage clear execution and related “post-mortems”.
  • Media Agency Relationship Management: Represent the Company and lead media agency relationships on behalf of the Company, managing resource allocation and quality control (timing, cost, creative delivery). Develop and maintain contacts and relationships within the Indian media industry. Front-end the negotiation while maintaining relationship with media suppliers
  • Media Productivity: Lead the allocation/ spend on the largest DME item for the Business Unit. Drive Media Productivity across the portfolio, to ensure optimized media investments.

Communication Complexities

  • Local Brand Team Lead media plan development by leveraging local media insights and ensure that brand messages are activated through targeted, relevant, and strategically-aligned media contact points to build brand values and drive profitable volume.
  • Local Agency Team Lead and provide direction to the media agency (based on the Connections Plan) , and manage day-to-day requirements with the media agency based on agreed protocol and processes for  faster turnaround of requirements. Lead contract negotiations with the Media Agencies.
  • Internal Support/Process Management Brand, IMC,  Commercial,  Bottler,  PAC, Agencies. Lead presentation of Media Plan across the system (ie Brand, Franchise Operations, Bottler. Work collaboratively with other functional leads (ie PAC, Legal)  in integrating key initiatives in the media plan. KO Finance - Manage day-to-day media financial processes to ensure accuracy of media documents, prompt payment to the media, etc. BU Connections Planning lead, to get best practices from other markets and constant experimentation to raise the bar
  • Industry Representation Helps in establishing and maintaining contacts within the media industry. Maintains relationship with various media suppliers.
  • Global and BU KO Media Representation Functionally reports and manages requirements from Global Media Director.Attend and actively participate in KO  Media Meetings / Conference. Evaluate and adapt best practices from new media learning, guidelines, and other countries to enhance media effectiveness, efficiency, and creativity.                                               


  • Proficient-Expert level in media analytics  to identify and optimize media investment strategies and plans to connect with our consumers.  Analyze media impact on core brand metrics and business metrics.
  • Proficient-Expert level in leveraging financial rigor to prioritize and allocate resources effectively.
  • Proficient-Expert level in measuring financial and equity impact of investments and institutionalizes learnings

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree at a minimum, Post Graduate degree will be an added advantage
  • Candidates with Minimum 10 years of professional experience with Minimum 5 years critical experience in Media, IMC, DME Management, demonstrated understanding of media landscape in the given market is a must - either from client, agency or media industry experience

Our Growth Culture:

One of the reasons our company continues to thrive after 130+ years is having a company culture that supports and rewards behaviors that lead to growth. Our “Growth Behaviors,” as we call them, are ways of being and working that help to make us successful. Think about how you can bring this to life in your next role at Coca-Cola.


Keep seeking, never settle.  Staying curious about what is outside, and two steps ahead inspires us to challenge the status quo. Having the courage to look and leap is the way we grow. Because asking “what if?” pushes us to the next level as people and as a company.


Make it happen. True empowerment is the result of taking responsibility. This means giving yourself permission to see it, say it and do it, and owning the outcomes. Because we move forward faster when we all take action.

Version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

Push for progress, not perfection. There are very few overnight successes. Greatness is borne of many little victories (and failures). Share v 1.0, test it, and make it better. Then create the next version. Because the moment we think something is perfect, it will be obsolete.


Include, value and trust each other. We are smart alone but together we are genius. This means being inclusive, giving the benefit of the doubt and being responsible for each other. Because, for our company to thrive for the next 100+ years, smart isn't enough. We need genius.

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